JJ Holiday Villa aims to provide a comfort, spacious and homelike yet affordable lodging environment to holidaymakers, and in the mean time, finances charity.

We have a variety of self-catering houses and apartments in Clifford Estate (祈褔新邨 ) and Country Garden ( 碧桂園). These two places are very well renowned resort areas in the Pearl River Delta of China situated at Panyu and Shunde with easy access to Guangzhou & Foshan. Clifford Estate (祈褔新邨 )and Country Garden ( 碧桂園) are only few minutes’ drive apart.

JJ Holiday Villa is dedicated to quality services. All the houses and apartments are comfortably renovated and maintained in high hygiene standard. Staying at JJ Holiday Villa can enjoy not only the in-house facilities but also all the sports and other pay-services in the Club houses of both Clifford Estate and Country Garden respectively.

JJ Holiday Villa is also committed to help those uneducated children in the rural areas of those poor provinces in China going back to school. In this regard, 15% of the room rate is donated to the Sowers Action (苗圃行動) which is a non-profitable and volunteers directed organization. Up to end of 2008 , It has built schools close to 900 and helped children of around 260,000 since its formation in 1992. If you are interested to know more about Sowers Action, please click http://www.sowers.org.hk/

JJ Holiday Villa is not just a home-away-from-home, but a channel for you to help others and a way to express your love!