If you want to venture around, there are some good places nearby and following are some recommended ones:

1. Chime-long Safari Zoo, Paradise, Water World, Cirus – 10 minutes by car
You can have a close encounter with wild animals in the park, and watching the show in the circus is another exciting moment ………..

2. Baomo Garden – 20 minutes by car
An ancient garden of about 100 acres in area built in Qing Dynasty with traditional gardening arts of South China. Walking along the long corridors by the waterways under willow trees and seeing children feeding fishes with smiling face. A superb place to see Chinese arts and for relaxing…….

3. Yuyin Garden – 15 minutes by car
This is one of the four great famous gardens in Qing Dynasty of Guangdong built in 1867 and is now a unit under the historical relics protection. The garden used to be the house of a very rich local people in Qing Dynasty where you can see the old Chinese building art, the structure and the overall layout of a grand house in the time over a century ago…...

4. Lotus Hill Wang Hai Guan Yin –20/10 minutes
This is a 5A tourist point.

5. Da Fu Shan Country Park – 5 minutes
A natural country park with very minimal artificial adornments where you can only find trees, greens, lakes and flowers and all these really can make you fell free and relaxing. This is also a good place for outing, picnic & cycling (bikes are available for rental inside the park)….

6. Shi Qiao - 15 minutes
City of Panyu where is still busying with the city modernization. The underground train connecting to Guangzhou has been operating since 2006 and the relocation of Guangzhou’s train station will be moved to Panyu in 2009…..

7. Tian He, Hai Zhu Square, Shang Xia Jiu Lu, Beijing Lu – 25 minutes by car
Tian He is the commercial centre and symbol of Guangzhou where the highest skyscrapers of Guangzhou stands.Guangzhou will host the 2010 Asian Game. Hai Zhu Square, Shang Xia Jiu Lu, Beijing Lu are places with different attractive features.

Apart from the above, there are many others worth seeing such as Floral World in Chen Cun, Floral Bird Fish Stone market in Hua Di Wan, Jade market, Antique Market , Sunflower Garden & Taohua Jian in Bei Yun Hill etc.